Ritalin Addiction: Best Reasons to Get Help Now!

Best reasons to get Ritalin addiction helpLike other addictions, a problem with abusing Ritalin can worm its way into your life and the lives of everyone around you. At its base level, Ritalin is a stimulant drug which targets those centers of the brain that release dopamine. In doing so, your brain chemistry becomes altered. For teens or young adults who suffer from ADHD, Ritalin can “plug the gaps” in their brain chemistry which in turn allows them to better levels of concentration. Taken as prescribed, Ritalin can be of great benefit for those who are coping with ADHD. However, when abused, Ritalin can have the opposite effect on brain chemistry and lead to all kinds of emotional and physical complications when that use is transformed into a full-blown addiction.

How Ritalin Changes You

If you are taking high doses of Ritalin, it can have a serious impact on your emotional well-being. You’ll experience ongoing feelings of heightened nervousness and constantly being restless. You’ll also be prone to outbursts of irritability at anything. On the physical side, you could experience vertigo and hallucinations. Your friends might notice that you talk non-stop, get easily confused and are becoming increasingly hostile.

Reasons to Get Help Now

It is hard to imagine any scenario where a person who has a Ritalin addiction would be able to be productive in school or at work. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting help for a Ritalin addiction right away:

  • The Harmful Long-Term Physical Effects: Street names for Ritalin sound “cute” and harmless. Among these names are Skittles, Smarties, Skippy and Jif. But don’t let those names fool you. Ingesting high doses of Ritalin over long periods of time can lead to serious issues with your own growth and brain progression. Because you are introducing a foreign chemical compound into your body, you can also impact your kidney, lungs and bowel functions. If organs break down then you’re looking at some very intense recovery time. Depending on the levels of abuse, Ritalin can also linger in your brain chemistry long after you’ve quick using which can create more physical complications.
  • The Emotional Upheavals: Beyond the instant and fleeting high you might get from taking Ritalin, you are also running the risk of totally altering how you think and act. Ritalin abuse has been known to generate sadness so profound that is can lead to suicidal thoughts. It can also have you chasing after delusions and trying to cope with other emotional mood swings. Add it up and clearly this is no way to live your life.
  • The Destruction of Your Family: It’s not being overly dramatic to say that a Ritalin addiction can destroy a family. First of all, the addict will begin to withdrawal and cut themselves off from their family. That’s going to cause all kinds of stress. Then they might find themselves stealing from their family to support their habit. As this stress builds up, the family begins to lash out. Accusations fly and tensions escalate. Any of this sound familiar?

Ritalin Treatment Help Is Available

The real shame attached to a Ritalin addiction would be to ignore the help that is so readily available. Qualified counselors can be reached by calling the toll-free number on this page 24/7. They can help assess your situation and guide you through the many treatment options available.