Getting Help for How You Feel without Using Ritalin

Getting Help for How You Feel without Using RitalinRitalin is a stimulant prescribed for those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The drug is widely prescribed and is also easy to replicate in homemade drug labs. These reasons factor into why the drug is so widely abused.

Many people abuse Ritalin, or use the drug other than prescribed, for its euphoric and stimulant effects. Ritalin can increase one’s alertness, improve concentration and focus, and provide a rush of energy resulting in weight loss and sleeplessness. People often underestimate the power and addictive-nature of Ritalin, and take the drug whenever they need a pick-me-up or boost. Ritalin then becomes a coping mechanism for one’s problems.

Why Do People Abuse Ritalin?

Individuals who abuse Ritalin may include the following:

  • People with poor self-esteem and a bad self-image
  • Students who are overwhelmed with responsibility
  • Students who are looking to party, relax and let loose
  • People who feel run down and are not taking care of their physical health
  • People suffering from depression, loneliness, anxiety, eating disorders or personality disorders

Why Is Ritalin Abuse Dangerous?

No matter how great the physical or psychological pain, Ritalin abuse is not the answer; there are much better ways to deal with hurt. The consequences of even short-term Ritalin abuse are dangerous and life-destructive. Ritalin abuse or misuse can lead to the following problems:

  • Altered mood and personality
  • Increased nervousness, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations and psychotic episodes
  • Distorted body chemistry involving loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, weight loss or sleep disorders
  • Health complications such as dizziness, headaches, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, respiratory difficulties, tremors and death
  • Damage to valuable relationships
  • Financial trouble
  • Addiction

Ritalin Addiction Treatment

People who are struggling with emotional pain or a mental health issue require specialized medical care that is called integrated treatment. This approach focuses on treating a person’s addiction and mental illness simultaneously. By dealing with both issues at the same time, a person can prevent future addictive behavior by learning how to deal with her co-occurring issues. Integrated treatment is the most successful and healthy option for those seeking long-term sobriety from drugs or alcohol. Without proper treatment, both addiction and the mental health issue will perpetuate the other in an aggressive nature. Treatment will allow a person to stop running away from her problems; it provides an opportunity for one to regain power and control over her thoughts, feelings, behavior and life.

Getting Help for Ritalin Addiction

If you are ready to talk to someone about your problems with drug abuse, we are here for you. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline right now to speak to a rehab counselor about finding quality treatment. Do not be afraid of getting help; we can answer questions, provide you with information or even goes as far as setting you up with the right treatment program. We are here to help you through this, so call now.