Ritalin Addiction Treatment Options

Ritalin Treatment OptionsYou will be looking long and hard to find a perfect person anywhere on this planet. Even the most saintly among us would be the first to admit to the occasional “stumble.” For some people, these stumbles can take a dark turn when they become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Because of the abundant accessibility of Ritalin, it has become the drug of choice for many teens and college students. They are often lulled into a false sense of security in using the drug because “everyone is doing it.” It’s easy to see how this can lead to an addiction problem.

If you are dealing with a Ritalin addiction, you’ll have many treatment options to consider that can help you get clean and your life back on track.


Ritalin Addiction Treatment

The Intervention Option for Ritalin Addiction

Thanks to a popular reality television show by the same name, we have the opportunity to see exactly what happens during an intervention. These are meetings where family and friends confront their loved one about their addiction problem. In the case of Ritalin addiction, the abuser might have already exhibited such destructive behavior as staying up for days at a time then sleeping for extended periods. This could have caused them to lose their job or drop out of college. Without a source of income, the addict will go to all kinds of extremes to fund their habit.

All of these patterns can have a devastating impact on the circle of family and friends that surround the addict. During an intervention, these loved ones will have the opportunity to express their pain and their desire that the person in question get real help. It’s important that before undertaking an intervention that you seek out professional guidance. If you are presenting the option of a rehabilitation stay, then that facility would be in the best position to provide intervention counseling.

The Inpatient Option for Ritalin Addiction

A person suffering from Ritalin addiction can’t get clean until they have gone through the detoxification process. This is going to be a big challenge for them as the cravings to use again can threaten to derail all their efforts. This is why checking in for a stay at a recovery treatment center is a proactive option. As an inpatient, the person will be under constant medical supervision as they go through withdrawal. Once that painful process is complete, they can begin the important ongoing work of therapy right at the same facility.

The Outpatient Option for Ritalin Addiction

Outpatient treatment for a Ritalin addiction is more like a continuation of the programs started under direct supervision at an inpatient facility. With outpatient treatment, the person will have regular therapy sessions that can combine the one-on-one type with group sessions. They can also develop a relationship with the kind of sponsor you might find in a 12-step program.

No matter where you live, there will be options for treatment. Many facilities provide packages for long-distance travel. You can find out more about these options by calling the toll-free number on this page. Help is standing by.