Outpatient Ritalin Rehab Centers

Outpatient Ritalin rehab centersThe prevailing wisdom is that taking Ritalin will help you concentrate. That’s true for people who have been properly diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, also known as ADD. Unfortunately, there are lots of teens and college students who have decided for themselves that taking Ritalin can also work to help them study or stay up all night preparing for a test. What happens when the test is over? When a person using large doses of Ritalin decides to stop, they could experience intense withdrawal symptoms. The quick fix is to use again. This is now the beginning of an addiction cycle. If you can catch this cycle of abuse in the early stages then you might consider outpatient treatment to kick the habit and stay clean.

What Is Outpatient Ritalin Addiction Treatment?

Advances in surgical techniques have provided for many procedures that once required a hospital stay to be handled as an outpatient procedure. That holds true for drug abuse rehabilitation as well. With outpatient treatment, the patient is first given a complete mental and physical evaluation to assess exactly what their medical needs might be. If this person is experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms, they could be prescribed medications to help manage insomnia or nausea.

Once the physical exam is complete, the patient will then be set up in an ongoing therapy program. This program could consist of private and group therapy sessions. The goal of these sessions is for the patient to discover why they felt the need to abuse Ritalin in the first place. These sessions will also help the patient develop coping mechanisms to deal with outside influence and possible relapse triggers. In the group sessions, patients have the ability to share their struggles with others who are going through the same problems. These groups can become a viable component for a recovery plan because they provide a strong level of support and understanding.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment Rehab

Unlike a stay at an inpatient treatment center, patients who take advantage of the outpatient center are able to avoid disruptions in their lives. This is especially important for someone who can’t miss out on school or work. For older patients who have to manage a family, the outpatient rehab allows them to develop a treatment schedule which can work around their own schedule. There is also a certain level of privacy that is obtained with outpatient treatment. It might be hard to explain a 30- or 90-day absence when a person is at an inpatient center.

A word of caution — outpatient treatment is designed for patients whose problems with using Ritalin aren’t severe. Quite often you’ll find that an outpatient program begins after the inpatient program. For a more serious addiction, it is advised that the patient first detox under medical supervision. Only when they are completely clean can the real work of recovery begin.

If you want to find out more about outpatient rehab centers, call the toll-free number on this page. Counselors are standing by to discuss your options and point you in the right direction.


Ritalin Addiction Treatment