Holistic Ritalin Rehab

Holistic Ritalin RehabBack in the 1960s, teens looking for a quick high discovered that sniffing airplane model glue could deliver a potent rush. This was a substance that was readily available and became a serious issue for many parents. Today, you could make the argument that the glue has been replaced by Ritalin. This is a prescribed medication for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. When used properly, it can help sufferers regain the ability to concentrate and stay focused. When abused by crushing and snorting, it can become a very addictive substance. Sadly, it is also readily available to many teens and young adults.

If an addition has taken hold in a person, they will need to seek out professional treatment to effectively break the addiction and reclaim their lives. There are specific medical needs associated with detox and therapy that should be addressed. However, many addicts are turning to a holistic approach to a Ritalin addiction as a way of developing a thorough recovery program that encompasses the mind, body and spirit.

The Holistic Approach to Recovery

The mind of an addictive person is wired differently than that of non-addictive personalities. If this weren’t the case, we’d all have problems with substance abuse. Once a patient has gone through detox, their body has become cleansed of the harmful toxins. This is when the holistic approach to recovery can truly begin.

Here are the elements that make up a holistic rehabilitation:

  • A Healthy Diet: First up is developing healthy eating habits with a well-balanced diet of fresh foods. Coming off Ritalin withdrawal has left a body battered. That body now needs essential vitamins, nutrients and proteins to rebuild itself. The diet plan developed through the holistic approach is suited to the patient’s own likes and dislikes. This is to insure that they will continue this healthy way of eating.
  • Meditation: There are many underlying issues that could have triggered an addiction cycle. It’s important for a recovery to be effective to tap into those issues and get to the root causes. By learning and practicing meditation, the recovering addict can develop essential tools for relaxation. Eliminating stress through meditation can go a long way towards decreasing the desire to use again.
  • Yoga: As the body begins to heal, it can be challenged in other physical ways. Engaging in yoga is a physically rewarding activity that can improve blood circulation and strengthen the heart muscle.
  • Healing Arts: Among the various forms of holistic healing arts are massage therapy, acupuncture and herbal therapy. These are all designed to allow the patient to reconnect to their inner selves by using their own senses.
  • Spiritual Teachings: As mentioned, the holistic approach to rehab is centered on developing a balance between the mind, body and spirit. This doesn’t mean pushing a specific spirituality. Instead, it is way of providing the patient with an understanding of a high power which can go a long way towards alleviating feelings of loneliness and worthlessness.

If the holistic approach to Ritalin rehab is something that interests you then you should call the toll-free number on this page. A qualified counselor will be there to help guide you through the available holistic options.


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