Ritalin Detox

Ritalin detoxMedical researchers have spent countless hours in labs dedicated to developing a complete understanding of how the brain works. One aspect of this study is mapping the neurotransmitter networks which literally “wire” our brain. When these networks are working properly, we can maintain a balance in our lives. However, a short circuit in these networks can cause all kinds of emotional and behavioral problems. People diagnosed with ADHD are suffering from these kinds of short circuits. Ritalin is prescribed to make the repair in the network of a ADHD patient. This drug helps increase the dopamine levels in the brain which in turn helps patients with their ability to focus.

Another cause and effect associated with dopamine is the targeting of pleasure centers in the brain. With a burst of dopamine, we can feel temporary euphoria or a “high.” This is what happens when someone goes beyond the prescribed use and takes high doses of Ritalin. Bottom line — a person who is taking Ritalin is altering their brain chemistry. Take it in large doses and the chances increase of becoming addicted.

What Is Ritalin Detox?

Detoxification or detox is the process that the body goes through when it rids itself of any substance. On some level, our normal daily eliminations are a form of detox as our body is flushing out processed liquids and foods. When a drug like Ritalin is taken in large quantities, there can be many major organs affected. In order to break a Ritalin addiction, the patient first needs to clean themselves of all traces of the drug. That is when detox enters the picture.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Ritalin Detox

If someone has taken continuing doses of Ritalin and then just suddenly stops, they will most likely experience a wide range of physically and emotionally demanding withdrawal symptoms. Among these reactions are:

  • Exhaustion
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Extreme hunger pangs
  • Desire to reuse

Read as a list that might seem manageable; however, the reality is that the patient will want to stop these symptoms with a quick fix. This is why the best way to go through a detox is at a certified detox center where the temptations are removed and support is provided.

What to Look for in a Ritalin Detox Center

Medical supervision is the key for a Ritalin detox. As the patient begins to go through withdrawal, there might be other problems that crop up which can be treated with other forms of mild medication. This will make the transition into sobriety a lot less stressful. The detox center should have an experienced medical staff on call around the clock.

Because detox is really only the first step, the detox center should also make available the various ongoing therapy options needed to secure the recovery process. Typically, a detox center will be part of a larger rehabilitation program that offers a comprehensive treatment program.

You’ll also want to make sure the environment at the detox center is safe and relaxing. The toll-free number on this page connects you with a counselor who will have information about detox centers across the country.

Ritalin Addiction Treatment