College Ritalin Treatment Centers

College Ritalin Treatment CentersFor many students, college life can be a rewarding and uplifting experience. It’s the first time many of these young adults have lived on their own which means they are getting some fast lessons in responsibility. It’s also a time when plans for a future career are formulated. And of course, it’s a wonderful opportunity to forge new friendships that can last a lifetime. However, for some, the pressure of maintaining a high GPA or the seductions of the campus party scene can prove to be overwhelming. This is when the issue of Ritalin abuse comes into play on both of those fronts.

Why College Students Abuse Ritalin

Plain and simple — Ritalin is a stimulant. It is also a Schedule II controlled substance. This means it carries a great risk of a recreational user becoming addicted. The “dirty little secret” about Ritalin that floats around nearly every college campus is that it will help you study and score good grades. What it actually does is keep you awake all night. You might be able to cram more notes into your head that way, but what happens when the crash comes (and it will)? Unfortunately, many college students think they can handle the risk. They just need to get through this one test. Then it becomes another test and another term paper. Before long, they have rationalized themselves into an addiction.

The abuse of Ritalin carries over into the party scene on campus. If the goal is to stay up all night drinking and having fun, why not take Ritalin to keep you awake? This is another dangerous rationalization that can lead to severe medical trauma. In the past several years, there have been many cases of cardiac arrest deaths attributed to Ritalin overdoses.

Ritalin Side Effects in College Students

Among the possible side effects that can occur by taking high doses of Ritalin are an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. The user can also experience extreme bouts of nervousness or apprehension. This is coupled with insomnia, headaches, stomach cramps, lack of focus and muscle convulsions. Now, imagine experiencing all of those side effects while trying to complete course assignments.

Ritalin Treatment for College Students

Any college student who has gotten caught up in a Ritalin addiction needs to get clean and change their behavior. These two recovery steps can be accomplished in many ways. To get clean, it is advised that the addict go through a medically supervised detox. Because of the intense desire to reuse and the potential physical side effects of  withdrawal, the addict is best served knowing that a trained medical professional is just down the hall. Many rehabilitation centers provide this kind of important treatment.

The next phase would be to enter into therapy to discuss the reasons for becoming involved with Ritalin. Therapy is also where positive behavior and attitude changes can occur. This can be accomplished through an outpatient treatment program which will minimize the disruption in a student’s class schedule.

You can call the toll-free number on this page for further information on the location of treatment centers for Ritalin abuse.

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