When Using Ritalin Becomes a Habit

When Using Ritalin Becomes a HabitMany people take Ritalin for medical reasons. It is widely prescribed and used, and people have a tendency to think of it as harmless. People who wouldn’t use street drugs recreationally may feel freer to experiment with prescription drugs like Ritalin. Using Ritalin recreationally can escalate from occasional use to habit.

Ritalin’s Effect on the Brain

Habits develop from repeating actions so frequently that they become learned or automatic behaviors. If recreational or even medical Ritalin use becomes a habit, addiction may form due to the drug’s pharmacological effects. Ritalin acts in the brain in a similar manner to other stimulants like cocaine. If you find yourself using Ritalin habitually, you may be dependent on or addicted to the drug.

Is Your Ritalin Use Becoming a Problem?

If you find yourself taking Ritalin more often than you had intended, you may want to ask yourself the following questions about Ritalin abuse and addiction:

  • Do you need to take more Ritalin than you did in the past in order to obtain the same results? This is known as drug tolerance and is a sign that your body is starting to adapt to the drug’s effects.
  • When you don’t take Ritalin regularly, do you experience withdrawal symptoms? Ritalin withdrawal symptoms include tiredness, lethargy, anxiety and depression. Withdrawal symptoms are a sign of physical dependence on Ritalin.
  • Do you crave the drug? This is another withdrawal symptom which often indicates that your body has adapted to the drug to the extent that it doesn’t feel normal unless the substance is present.
  • Has using Ritalin caused you problems? Continuing to use a substance despite negative consequences such as problems at work or school or strained relationships with family and friends is a sign of addiction.

End Habitual Ritalin Use

If your Ritalin use has become a regular part of your life, you will need help to end the habit. We can assist you in finding the help you need. Call our helpline, and let us answer your questions about Ritalin abuse and addiction treatment. The call is toll free, and we are available 24 hours a day. We can even check your insurance coverage to help you better understand your treatment options. Call today.