Ritalin Use Problems among 18-40 Year-Olds

Ritalin Use Problems among 18-40 Year-OldsRitalin can help users manage symptoms of ADD/ADHD, as it helps increase focus. However those who misuse Ritalin can experience negative effects such as dizziness, nausea, psychosis, withdrawal, malnutrition, anxiety and cardiovascular problems. Even though Ritalin abuse is highly common in high school students, there is a major population of young to middle-aged adults who are abusing this drug as well.

Causes of Ritalin Addiction in 18-40 Year-Olds

For many users in this age range, Ritalin is not just consumed by swallowing the pill, rather it is usually crushed up and snorted to achieve an increased, faster high. Attempting to obtain this high on a regular basis can become a main priority for this age group for the following reasons:

  • The desire to party – For most young adults, partying is a major part of their lives. From the age of 18 and on, people often begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol and get the opportunity to do so while at parties. Ritalin often becomes a top drug of choice for party-goers, as it enables them to stay up later into the night to enjoy themselves for longer.
  • Excelling in the workforce – People across this entire age group are generally those who keep the world moving at its current pace, as this demographic is viewed to be the “working world.” Being a part of the workforce can be extremely stressful for 18-40 year-olds, as those younger adults often have to put in more work as they get their careers started while those more established adults generally find themselves attempting to balance both work and play. The use of Ritalin can often keep these people on the go in ways that allow them to accomplish the many tasks that are expected of them.
  • Controlling weight – For women in this age range especially, body image is considered to be incredibly important. Between the pressures of the media to be thin and trying to get back in shape after having a child, combatting a changing metabolism can become overwhelming for some. The use of Ritalin not only keeps those looking to keep the weight off energized, but it also helps curb their appetite so they do not eat very much.

Between partying, trying to do well at work and attempting to control body weight, those people in the 18-40 year-old range are often under immense pressure that can lead to their misuse of Ritalin.

Ritalin Treatment Options

Treatment options are endless for those 18-40 year-olds looking to end their Ritalin addiction, however a few seem to be more beneficial for this age group that others. For the younger adults of this age group, treatment options such as experimental therapy and group therapy are often incredibly effective, as it keeps them engaged in physical activity but also connected to others through their recovery. Older adults in this age range often benefit from individual therapy as well as family therapy, as these forms of treatment help address personal issues and how they impact loved ones.

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