Ritalin Abuse Rates in Australia

Ritalin Abuse Rates in AustraliaIt is often tempting to think that Ritalin abuse is a problem faced only in the USA. The truth is that when prescription drugs like Ritalin are used in any way, shape, or form, there is the potential for Ritalin abuse and addiction; regardless of the city or country. Ritalin addiction in Australia is just as much of a concern as it is in the USA and other countries.

The Start of Ritalin Abuse

When prescription drugs are used as prescribed there is much less of a risk for an addiction to develop. Ritalin is, beyond its medical uses, still an amphetamine drug, like its counterparts Adderall and Focalin. When Ritalin is abused, the drug user often displays many of the same symptoms as are seen in those who are abusing amphetamines. The rush of energy that comes with Ritalin abuse does make it highly desirable for Australians and Americans alike, looking for increased energy or stamina.

Adults certainly do their fair share of engaging in Ritalin abuse, but the abuse of this drug is often seen in teenagers and college-aged students who are looking for an added boost to help them get through difficult tests and coursework. Ritalin abuse can start innocently, with just the desire to keep up with overwhelming workloads. But Ritalin addiction can quickly spiral out of control once the undesirable and inevitable crash that follows taking the drug is experienced.

Ritalin and Adderall are also abused recreationally by those looking to accelerate and boost their mind while they are partying. When mixed with alcohol and other drugs, Ritalin abuse does carry with it the potential for life-threatening consequences.

One concern with Ritalin, even when it is used as prescribed, is that individuals who have ADHD are typically thought to be at a higher risk for developing addiction concerns; which is why it is essential to vigilantly keep up with doctor appointments.

Ritalin Treatment Solutions

One of the concerns about Ritalin treatment and recovery programs is that it doesn’t help to resolve the underlying and initial reasons that the drug was prescribed by treating physicians. If there is a Ritalin addiction then it is unacceptable to consider that the addict will be tied to this drug for the remainder of his life. Through holistic rehab programs and alternative therapeutic solutions, Ritalin recovery is possible.

Ritalin treatment, like amphetamine treatment programs, is best handled by medical professionals and therapists who can offer comprehensive amphetamine recovery solutions that work best for your unique needs. In the comfort and safety of a treatment facility you will be able to break free from the Ritalin addiction and learn holistic methods that will serve you well through your sobriety.

Finding a Ritalin Treatment Program

To learn more about rehab solutions and available Ritalin treatment programs, in the US and Australia, please call our toll-free helpline. Amphetamine recovery can be a complex course to navigate, but we can help put you in touch with rehab facilities that can best help to meet your recovery needs.