Ritalin Abuse in Asian Countries

Ritalin Abuse in Asian CountriesRitalin is one of the most widely abused stimulants in the world, not only because of its potential for addiction, but also because it boosts energy that keeps users going throughout the day. While Ritalin is one of the most commonly abused substances in America, its popularity is reaching the other side of the world, as people in different parts of Asia are also becoming addicted to this drug. However, just like any other drug users, professional treatment can help Asians recover from a Ritalin addiction.

Causes of Ritalin Abuse in Asia

Some of the most populous countries in Asia are abusing Ritalin at higher rates than ever before, including Japan, China and North and South Korea. In each one of these countries, there are specific causes for Ritalin abuse, including the following examples:

  • Growing cities – In places such as Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul, there is a constant influx of new buildings being constructed, companies expanding and more people flocking to the luxuries of the city. As these Asian cities grow, life gets more intense, which causes urbanites to keep up with the ever-growing pace. This stress makes people more susceptible to Ritalin abuse in order to cope.
  • Political restraint – Many Asian countries enforce a great deal of political (and even social) restraint that keeps citizens from living the way they want to. The constant pressure to live within the rules and regulations of the government can pressure citizens to desire a release through Ritalin abuse.
  • Production – Asia (especially China) is known for its manufacturing. As the world continually demands more goods, it is up to those factory workers to push out more products at a faster rate. To keep up with this demand, some workers might begin abusing Ritalin to perform faster and more efficiently at work.

In Asian countries such as Japan, China and North and South Korea, individuals are facing issues such as growing cities, political restraints and workforce pressure that can cause them to develop an addiction to Ritalin.

Help for Asians to Break Ritalin Addiction

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