Filling the Void Left by Ritalin Addiction

Filling the Void Left by Ritalin Addiction
A hobby, like painting, can fill the void after addiction

An addiction to Ritalin and addiction in general is a life consuming ritual that leaves little time or drive to experience other things in life. Most addicts omit all of their responsibilities, daily activities, social life, creativity, and curiosity to explore new things for the sake of continuing a drug addiction. After recovering from Ritalin addiction a substantial void can be left in its wake. Formerly, an addict’s daily life and routines were spent focusing on finding, obtaining and consuming Ritalin. In recovery a former addict may find that he or she has a lot of free time which can lead to a dangerous amount of boredom. For some addicts the addiction was their main source of companionship and they may feel lonely while in recovery. Finding healthy and supportive ways to fill the void left by addiction is essential to experiencing a fulfilling recovery. Some ways that a recovering addict can work to fulfill the void left by Ritalin addiction can include the following:

  • Rekindle an old hobby or personal interest that dissolved because of addiction
  • Spend time with other addicts in recovery who may also want to fill the void left by addiction
  • Learn something new that is personally interesting such as a new language or how to paint
  • Make regular and re-occurring time throughout each day to practice a healthy activity such as exercising, meditation or yoga
  • Actively seek out a healthy social circle and engage in activities that steer clear of drug or alcohol related events such as parties or nights out at the bar
  • Start multiple new hobbies and spend time being creative with them
  • Take up reading and find certain genres that are personally interesting
  • Seek to spend extra time with family members or ask to simply be in their presence if drug temptations get to be too much to handle
  • Give back to the community by volunteering for local nonprofit businesses
  • Depending on the stage of the addiction, consider sponsoring another addict new to recovery and helping him or her to remain sober

Being active at work or school and asking to take on more responsibility can be another good way to fill time and be noticed by superiors. Taking care of the body, mind and emotions while in recovery is an essential aspect of staying healthy and remaining sober. The body, mind and emotions go through a turbulent and damaging ride while a person suffers from addiction. Focusing on restoring health is critical to long term sobriety.

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