Fear of Missing Out If Not Using Ritalin

Fear of Missing Out If Not Using RitalinSome people will do whatever it takes to succeed, and sometimes this means taking drugs illegally. Ritalin is a prescription medication used to treat ADD and ADHD. When used with a prescription and within its guidelines, this drug can help a person with attention problems to focus and become more mentally alert. But, some people take Ritalin illegally by using more of the medication than their prescription calls for, by taking it more often than the prescription says or by using the drug without a prescription. Ritalin abuse can occur for a variety of reasons, but many people may not know that there are just as many healthy alternatives to abusing Ritalin.

Reasons behind Ritalin Abuse

Most people who abuse Ritalin usually do so for one of the following two reasons:

  • They began using the drug with a legal prescription and then started taking more than the required dosage
  • They obtained the drug illegally in order to achieve better mental clarity and ability to focus

Ritalin abuse occurs most often among people who are in high-stress situations and who feel a great sense of urgency to excel in a task that requires extended amounts of focusing. For this reason, a lot of Ritalin abusers are college students who are cramming for exams or working on major papers. People who work in places that require constant production of ideas and presentations also abuse Ritalin. Essentially, people who are under pressure to complete an assignment in a short period of time are the most likely abusers of Ritalin.

Alternatives to Ritalin Abuse

Although Ritalin can help a person think and work faster for a short period of time, the long-term effects of Ritalin (which can include anxiety, convulsions, hallucinations, and heart and respiratory problems) are not worth this temporary mental improvement. Instead of using Ritalin as a stimulant to improve mental performance, a person should consider changing her work habits. Since Ritalin abuse occurs when a person is under stress, one option is for the person to remove as much of this stress as possible by allowing herself enough time to complete the project. Avoid procrastination by dividing a large project into smaller and more manageable tasks. Also, the person might try asking for help with the project from coworkers, teachers, or a tutoring center. Finally, the person might try dealing with her intense fears of failure by talking about them with a friend or counselor.

How to Deal with a Ritalin Abuse Problem

While some people may think that abusing Ritalin will improve their performance in school or work, the effects of Ritalin abuse can be severe and life-threatening. If you have been abusing Ritalin in order to get ahead or to be more productive, know that help is available. Our toll-free helpline is open 24 hours a day to answer your questions about Ritalin abuse, and to help you find an effective treatment and recovery plan. Call us today to regain control of your life and start a Ritalin-free life.